Rewards Program’s T&C

Powow Power Rewards Program General Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership
    1. You may apply to be a member of ‘Powow Power Rewards Program’ if you are a residential customer who signed up for Market Contract. To become a member, you must complete the energy application form and switch your energy to Powow Power, and you must have an active Powow Power energy account to participate in the program.
    2. You can have multiple memberships under multiple addresses signed under one account holder. In this case, your membership points will be calculated separately and will not combine.
    3. You are not allowed to apply for joint membership.
    4. We may refuse your application for membership or your request to add you as an additional member for any reason.
    5. Membership is free and will be in an electronic form.
  2. Your obligations
    1. Using or quoting your membership of the Rewards Program in accordance with 1.1 above constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
    2. It is your responsibility to inform us if:
      1. Your personal details change (including, but not limited to, your address, email address or phone number). If we do not have your correct details, we may not be able to contact you about your account or send you offers or rewards, and we may also restrict operations on your account(such as redemption).
      2. You would like your details removed from the account.
    3. You may terminate your membership at any time and for any reason by contacting us.
  3. Earning points
    1. In the Rewards Program, you will (1) get a 2000 point welcome bonus when your Powow Power account is first activated, and (2) collect 1 Rewards point for every $1 (inc GST) charged for usage when you engage in Qualifying Transactions.
    2. We are not responsible for any delay or failure of you to notify us of the details of such transactions. You should contact the Participant if you dispute the points awarded for a Qualifying Transaction.
    3. Participants may reverse points where a transaction is cancelled or a refund given.
    4. We may correct erroneous, invalid points or adjust for reversed transactions at any time even if it would put your membership account into a negative points balance.
    5. We will email you your points balance statement at the start of every calendar month. You can also email or call on 1800 401 421 between 9am-5pm weekdays to find out your Rewards Points Balance.
    6. Points do not expire unless you: cease to have an active Powow Power energy account. In the event of the aforesaid, your membership of the Rewards Program will be terminated by us, and any point balance remaining in your previous account will be forfeited.
    7. Rewards points have no cash or monetary value.
  4. Rewards

    Please see the details of the Rewards Schedule below.

  5. General
    1. We may, in our discretion, make any change we see fit to these Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation:
      1. the range of Participants and Qualifying Transactions;
      2. the points you can earn on Qualifying Transactions;
      3. the range of rewards and the number of points required for rewards;
      4. the period for expiry of existing or future points in your account
    2. We will give you notice of any change to the Terms and Conditions or as set out in 5.1, at our sole discretion:
      1. via the Powow Power website; and/or
      2. by direct communications sent to members.
    3. In addition to the right to terminate in 3.6, we may terminate your Powow Power Rewards membership immediately and without notice where you:
      1. fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions;
      2. provide misleading information or make any misrepresentation to us or to any Participant in connection with Powow Power Rewards Program;
      3. are abusive or offensive to any of our or our Participants' staff
    4. Where your Powow Power Rewards membership is terminated, all members on your account will cease to be entitled to earn and redeem points and your points will be deleted.
    5. Respecting your personal information is very important to us. The Powow Power Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms and Conditions. The Powow Power Privacy Policy sets out what personal information we collect, how we use it, to whom we may disclose it and what your privacy choices are. Our Privacy Policy is available on the Powow Power website or on request from the Powow Power Customer Service.
    6. We may provide your personal information to parties involved in a purchase or potential purchase of any part of our business.
    7. We will not be liable to you for the termination of the Powow Power Rewards Program for any reason whatsoever, including (without limitation) for any points in your account at the time of termination.
    8. Any liability we may have to you in negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and all conditions and warranties as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied whether express or implied by statute, are excluded to the extent permitted by law, and, where liability cannot be excluded, our liability to you will in all cases be limited to:
      1. the cost of re-supplying the goods or services or repairing, or paying the costs of repairing, the goods;
      2. reinstating number of points in dispute; or,
      3. where the dispute relates to a reward, the number of points required to redeem the reward.
    9. Any tax, liability, or duty incurred by a member arising from a member's participation in the Rewards program is the responsibility of the member.
    10. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
    11. In these Terms and Conditions "we", "us", or "our"; means Powow Power Pty Ltd (ABN 39 644 212 322) or its authorised representatives. Each exclusion or limitation of liability in favour of us applies also to Powow Power Related Bodies Corporate. For details of how to contact us, please see the Powow Power website or contact the Powow Power Customer Service Team.
  6. Definitions

Direct energy charges

  • Energy consumption charges (i.e., all day, peak, off peak and shoulder charges)
  • Energy daily supply charges
  • Controlled load consumption charges
  • Controlled load daily supply charges
  • Demand charges
  • Capacity charges

Powow Power Rewards Program

means the loyalty program managed by us under which a Powow Power Rewards Program member earns points on Qualifying Transactions and qualifies for rewards under these Terms and Conditions.

Qualifying Transactions

Please note that only direct energy charge can earn Rewards Point, and the following categories are not direct energy charges or make an impact of reducing the total energy bill amount:

  • Fees and Charges such as dishonour fee, Credit card fees, late fees, etc
  • Network ancillary service fees that we pass through on customer’s energy bill i.e Meter read fee, connection and disconnection and meter service fees etc.
  • PPA monthly payment
  • Solar Feed in credit or Government solar credit
  • Concession rebates or any government rebate

Related Bodies Corporate

has the same meaning as in the Corporations Act 2001.

Terms and Conditions

means this document, and any other documents referred to in it.


means, unless these Terms and Conditions indicate otherwise, each Powow Power Rewards Program member, including any additional members, on a Powow Power account.

  • Any charity rebates (i.e EAPA voucher)

Powow Power Rewards Schedule

If you are registered and have sufficient points in your account, you may use your points in exchange for rewards which are listed below.

You can elect to use your points to

  • Pay your bill

Minimum redeemable points 950 with the value of $10

Maximum redeemable points 47500 with the value of $500

  • Get a Woolworth e-Gift Card

Minimum redeemable points 5000 with the value of $50

Maximum redeemable points 10000 with the value of $100

In the event that you wish to use your rewards point to get an e-gift card, by entering the Rewards Program you are deemed to have accepted and agreed the Powow Power e-Gift Card terms and conditions.